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¡Vive el español! 


Viña del Mar


Buenos Aires






Super personalized classes. Our standard program includes 20 lessons in total, divided into two daily blocks. Our groups are super small - 7 students maximum! We make sure that each student gets enough confidence in the classroom to live Spanish out in the streets.


All 6 ECELA schools are in the very best cities in South America to learn Spanish.

And since all of them share the same programs, our students can jump from one school to another without any additional fee, having to give notice only one short week in advance.


We love our students, and our goal is to give an exceptional experience to each and every one of them; getting to really know them is our prize.

Con ECELA viviendo el español!

My name is Alison, and I’m from the US, where I’m a student at Luther College. I studied at ECELA for two weeks. I can’t believe all that I learned and saw in such a short time! I had classes with ECELA teachers in the mornings, and in the afternoons we had cultural activities. Now I can make empanadas, speak a little lunfardo (Buenos Aires slang), and dance tango. I visited the mountains, rafted, trekked, and went on a canopy tour. Before going I never thought that I would do so much in just two weeks! I also can’t image a group of people nicer than the ECELA staff. Every day starts with enthusiasm and a smile. I’ll remember these two weeks and I’ll never forget these times.


Allison Gieswein, USA


Testimonio de Estudiante


This was the second time that I had a very good experience with Ecela.

I went to Ecela in Santiago a few years ago, and I went again this past summer (North American summer). Ecela strikes a good balance between effective, hard work and a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. Ecela was also flexible, making it possible for me to meet my needs and have an enjoyable summer. All of my teachers were intent on their teaching, and worked hard to help us learn. All of my teachers were like my friends, but also they were skilled at teaching Spanish to non-native speakers, and they were proud of their skills as teachers.

Anne-Marie Waddell, USA


One contact for all 6 ECELA Spanish school.