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Medical Shadowing in South America

Chile – Argentina – Peru

Did you know the USA has more Spanish speakers than Spain? In fact the American Spanish-speaking population ranks third in the world, behind only Mexico and Colombia. 

Today’s health care organizations know that communication is vital to effective patient care, and Spanish ability has become a necessary skill in more and more clinics. A trip to the emergency room is traumatic enough without adding a stressful language barrier.

Who may participate in Medical Spanish? 
Pre-med, nursing, and medical students as well as health care professionals. Your Spanish level can be novice through very advanced. However, you should be at least intermediate to appreciate the clinical shadowing.

Clinical Shadowing.  Here you will get to see Latin American health care in action two times per week. If you are a premed student, this can help motivate you in your future studies. On the other hand, if you are a practicing health care professional you will observe differences with procedures back home.

- 2 session per week, each of  150 minutes. 



Chile: Santiago, Viña del Mar

Argentina: Buenos Aires

Peru: Cusco


Spanish Immersion Program: 

Note: Spanish classes, homestay or social activitiers are not included in the fees of the shadowing program. 

Standard Spanish Course.
 12 hours/week of group classes plus 4 hours of private classes for a total of 16 hours / week. With no more than eight students per group, and private classes you will have lots of participation opportunities and feel much more engaged than in a typical classroom. (Think dinner table as opposed to lecture hall.) But be prepared. Though the atmosphere is comfortable, the course is demanding. However, there are two breaks with free coffee, tea, and snacks. Bring your laptop to connect to our free wifi. 

Medical Spanish Lessons. optional Supplement your course with health care vocabulary and/or role-playing scenarios. Specialized classes designed to help you in future patient diagnosis and instructions. If you want to understand phrases like “me duele tanto la espalda” or “me pica la garganta” sign up for these. 


Where will I live?

Host Family. You can directly experience the culture while living with a local host. Since this option includes breakfast and dinner, you can practice using the subjunctive while discussing politics at the table. 

Shared Apartment. Another popular option is the shared apartment. Our students come from around the world, so you’ll have an international experience right at home.

What can I do outside of class and shadowing?
The program is not all work and no fun. We have optional activities nearly everyday, from cooking classes in Peru to tango dancing in Argentina to weekend ski trips in Chile. 

Where does ECELA operate Medical Spanish?

Cusco, Peru: Capital of the ancient Incan empire, Cusco is a charming, small, mountain city with exposure to traditional cultures. If you’re interested in anthropology or archaeology, Cusco is for you.

Viña del Mar, Chile A city full of history and culture (Valparaiso), endless beaches in Viña del Mar, hills and mountains and an active nightlife.

Santiago, Chile: Snowboard in the summer. Surf in the winter. Aside from being a very modern city with fine restaurants and museums, Santiago has nearby natural attractions for the adventurous.

Buenos Aires, Argentina: Like New York, Tokyo, and Paris, “BA” is one of the world’s cultural centers. Fortunately the costs are a tiny fraction of the other cities. Where else does the subway cost 30 cents?

How long is the course?
Our average student studies for six weeks, but you may study from two to 20+ weeks. Each three week block is equivalent to one three unit Spanish course at your university. We will provide a college transcript for a small additional fee.

When is the course?
At ECELA we welcome new students every week of the year, even the holidays. 



skype: booking.ecela / Phone USA: +1 7863758098
Buenos Aires: 54 (11)-4827-9228, Mendoza: 54 (261) 423-4250 / 
Santiago: 56(2) 9186-730, Viña del Mar: 56(32)-320-5372 / Lima: 51 (1) 241-0918, 
Cusco: 51(84) 984-917-707 / Fax: USA 1(866)310-5327