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Spanish Immersion & Ski


Take advantage of Santiago. Ideal locations for Spanish courses plus days off for skiing and 

Santiago de Chile Overview ProgramIn The weekly
Laying at the foot of Los Andes,
this capital city provides great access 
for local skiing and snowboarding opportunities. Nearby peaks rise
to over 5,000 meters (19,000 feet), giving the city a remarkable backdrop
Santiago, a beautiful city at the
foot of the Andes, we offer you the 
opportunity to combine your Standard Immersion course with a ski or snowboarding program.
Package include: 
2 Two day pass, lift and transfer tickets for the weekend.

When & How?:

When the students arrive on Monday during the break or after classes the receptionist will provide the students with the ski program vouchers. This voucher are necessary every time the services will be used.

The ski days are Saturday and Sunday, the shuttle van will pick you up at the school at 07:30 and take you where you can rent equipment, after that, the shuttle van take to the ski center. You will arrive there about 10:00am. 

In the ski center you can buy lunch and beverages, normally the prices are twice as high than in Santiago city stores. 

The Shuttle will be waiting for you to take you back to Santiago at 5:00pm, the return ride is 2hours aprox, the shuttle will let you close to the subway station Escuela Militar. 

Slopes: Beginner, intermediate, advanced and expert 

Maximum altitude: 3,333 meters above sea level 

Equipment are not included

Note: If the ski season is shorter than normal, the money of the not used part of the ski program will be refunded.


El Colorado
El Colorado Ski Center (2,430 - 3,333 mts above sea level / 7,970 - 10,930 ft above sea level) is formed of two interconnected villages, each one with hotels and refuges. Next to La Parva and Valle Nevado, the major and best Ski surface in South America.

El Colorado ski center, due to its location close to the city of Santiago (Capital of Chile), services offered, convenience and ski slopes has been transformed in the ideal center to the practice of white sport for families and young people during each winter season.

It has cozy hotels and apartments for rental. The gastronomical supply is varied; supermarket, grill, pub, discoteque. Full ski equipment is rented, collective and particular ski classes, and for children also.




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