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Learn Spanish and Dance Tango  

Overview Program
Mayoral & Elsa Maria is the most prestigious Tango Academy in Buenos Aires, and only twol blocks from ECELA schools. 
Lessons with talented instructors and supervised for one of the most famost tango dancers in the tango history.

Buenos Aires, “the Paris of the South”

- World capital of Tango dancing
- City full of stunning architecture and culture
- Home to 11 million friendly and beautiful people.

The weekly package include:
2 Group  (90 minutes each) +1 Private lessons (60 minutes) per week 
For dancer of all level of experience.

Schedule: Group are Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 13:30 pm and 8pm 
Private lessons are depending on availability. 
Private lesson may be re-scheduled with 48hrs of advice.

When the student arrive on Monday during the break or after classes the receptionist will ask them when is better for them to start, and we will reserve the first clase and we will provide the students with a voucher with the tango lesson that they booked. They can reserve the time of the other dance lesson direct with the academy. 

The Tango Academy:


skype: booking.ecela / Phone USA: +1 7863758098
Buenos Aires: 54 (11)-4827-9228, Mendoza: 54 (261) 423-4250 / 
Santiago: 56(2) 9186-730, Viña del Mar: 56(32)-320-5372 / Lima: 51 (1) 241-0918, 
Cusco: 51(84) 984-917-707 / Fax: USA 1(866)310-5327