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Buenos Aires - Santiago - Mendoza – Cuzco- Viña del Mar - Lima

ECELA works together with different organizations in need of volunteers. Be our partner to help in South America!

All program profits will be donated to the organization you choose to do your volunteer work with.
You will meet people in special situations who will be very thankful for your help, and will also enjoy your company and learning about your home country. 

Take the opportunity to be able to Volunteer, learn Spanish and travel at the same time. 
Our 6 Spanish schools are closely integrated in terms of curriculum and services, which provides our students with the opportunity to move between locations with ease and continue studying without any lapse in their program.

The Spanish & Volunteer Itinerary: 
• You will start with at least four weeks of Spanish classes to improve your Spanish and become acclimated to the dialect as well as your new environment. 
• Volunteer Placement: you will start right after the end of your Spanish program. 
NOTE: You may also volunteer part time and study Spanish during the same period.
• Spanish Classes and Volunteer Certification: You will receive your diploma for your Spanish courses at the end of your program.
• Continuing support: our school is your casa and you are always welcome to use the Internet there or to stop by for any help that you may need.
• The placement fee is not refundable.

Location Proyect
Buenos Aires - Argentina Support Positive Aging 
Minimum Spanish level A2
Mendoza - Argentina Support Single Mothers and children 
Minimum Spanish level A2
Santiago - Chile Nurturing hearts for neglected infants and Children 
Minimum Spanish level A2
Viña del Mar - Chile Support animal protection
Minimum Spanish level A1

Support Girls (4-18yrs) in social risk 
Minimum Spanish level A2
Lima – Peru Temporary home (shelter) children 2-7 yrs 
Minimum Spanish level A2

Building homes and hopes 
Minimum Spanish level A2
Cusco - Peru MTemporary home (shelter) children 2-7 yrs
Minimum Spanish level A2

Adults Mature Home
Minimum Spanish level A2


The application must be submitted two months prior to the program’s start date.
please describe:

• Desired volunteer field.
• Planned duration of the volunteer experience.
• Any prior experience in the field.
• Spanish background (required level of Spanish proficiency depends upon the nature of the work).