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Where can you learn Spanish?


You may spend all your weeks at one location or divide them as you wish.

 Our curriculum is specially designed to make multi-culture programs easy to schedule.



Ecela's locations of Spanish schools in South AmericaEcela's locations of Spanish schools in South AmericaBuenos Aires, Argentina  Regional center of tango, futbol, fashion, theater. Often referred to as the “Paris of Latin America”.

Mendoza, Argentina  Gauchos and wineries in the Argentine Andes. Argentina’s “most livable city”.

Santiago, Chile  A modern city at the foot of the Andes, Santiago was named world’s top tourist destination by NY Times.

Viña del Mar, Chile  A top beach resort and famous for its gardens, “Viña” is only a two hour bus ride from Santiago.

Lima, Peru  The “City of Kings”, Lima is widely considered to have South America’s best food, plus surf and salsa.

Cusco, Peru The capital of the ancient Incan Empire and the gateway to Machu Picchu, one of the world’s modern wonders.


 All ECELA Spanish School are interconnected with the Spanish Program. 
ECELA classes are divided in two blocks, Grammar & Conversation. The different blocks are designed according to the student’s skills and level. 
This way we can be assured that all the classes in ECELA are in tune with the student’s communication, grammar, reading and writing skills.

Start Date every Monday. Every week we begin a new book.


skype: booking.ecela / Phone USA: +1 7863758098/ Fax: USA 1(866)310-5327

Buenos Aires: +54 9 11 4827 9228, Mendoza: +54 26 1423 4250 
Santiago:+56 2 9186730, Viña del Mar: +56 32 260 2869
Lima: +51 1 745 7246 / Cusco: +51 0 8423 3640