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Terms & Conditions 2019 - 2020





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ECELA Schools:



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The Program Overview


Spanish Courses


• Start every Monday, exception for holidays

• Well prepared Classes & Teachers.

• 2 - 7 students in group classes.

• Students will be placed in a level according to their placement test.

• 1 lesson is 50 minutes.

• Morning or afternoon classes depending on availability of the school and the student’s level.




• Maximum distance of 35 minutes from the school (by public transportation or by walking).

• Middle-high class accommodation according to Latin-American standards. This standard will differ depending on the reality /economy of the country

• Free Wifi Connection upon request.



- Includes breakfast & dinner, this  will be provided every day by the host family in homestay.

- Single rooms (double room only upon request.)

- Shared Bathroom


Shared apartment:

- The student  have access to the kitchen and prepare their own meals.

- Single and Double rooms.

- Shared with locals, some time with other ECELA students.

- Shared Bathroom



Activities and Excursions:


 • Every week 3 activities (social, cultural, sport); low cost or included according to program purchased

 • Activities included in packages are not refundable nor exchangeable, in case the student cannot attend.

• Weekend excursion will be offered every other week for an additional fee.


2019 Holidays & Start Date of Complete Beginner Group Courses


Holidays 2019

School will be closed and lessons will not be refunded; a conversation club will be organized instead during working days:


Buenos Aires: Feb 24, 25; Mar 24; Apr 2; May 25; Jul 9; Aug 17; Nov 18; Dec 24, 31.

Mendoza:  Feb 24, 25; Mar 24; Apr 2; May 25; Jul 9; Aug 17; Nov 18; Dec 24, 31.

Santiago: May 21; Jun 29; Jul 16; Oct 12; Dec 8.

Viña del Mar: May 21; Jun 29; Jul 16; Oct 12; Dec 8

Lima: Apr 9; Jun 29; Jul 29; Oct 08, Dec 8.

Cusco: Apr 9; Jun 11, 24, 29; Jul 29; Oct 08, Dec 8.



The school will be closed on the following dates; these classes cannot be refunded or made up.


Buenos Aires: Jan 01; Apr 10; May 01; Oct 12; Dec 25.

Mendoza: Jan 01; Apr 10; May 01; Oct 12; Dec 25.

Santiago: Jan 01; April 10; May 01; Sep 18; Dec 25.

Viña del Mar: Jan 01; April 10; May 01; Sep 18; Dec 25.

Lima: Jan 01; Apr 10; May 01; Jul 28; Dec 25.

Cusco: Jan 01; Apr 10; May 01; Jul 28; Dec 25.



 *Exceptional Holidays: In South America sometimes the date of the holidays may be changed when they fall on weekdays; Generally, there will be no advance notice of this.


Start dates 2020


Start Date every Monday All LEVELS.  Every week we begin a new book.

We have implemented a Special Preparation Complete Beginner Spanish Course to cover the contents for a two-week program in one week.

Can start any Monday of the year without being left behind.

 Students of other Spanish Levels will be assigned in a course that it may be open one week before.


Special Start Dates Complete Beginners 2020:

 Special start dates for students that need academic credits or prefer to take the full two weeks beginner group (starting with the ABC):  2020 January 13, 27, February 10, 24, March 09, 23, April 06, 20, May 04, 18, June 01, 15, 29, July 13, 27, August 10, 24, September 07, 21, October 05, 19, November 02, 16, 30,  December 07, 21.


Ecela Spanish


World Immersion, herein referred to as Ecela Spanish, ECELA, Latin Immersion, provider, or program, agrees to provide Spanish Immersion courses for students with experienced and trained teachers, and provide a number of related services such as activities and volunteer programs. Ecela Spanish is not liable for any damage or compensation resulting from incorrect or withheld information received at time of booking or during program.


Class Information


Classes may be in the morning or in the afternoon, depending on availability according to level. Class schedule will vary depending on the number of students, activity schedule and Spanish levels.


The teachers may vary each week based on availability and class level.


If students lose the class textbook or other provided class materials, replacement textbooks are provided at a cost of US$10. they will be responsible for purchasing a replacement.


Classes will not be compensated due to illness of the student or other situations external to ECELA.


In the exceptional case that only 1 or 2 students are enrolled in a 20 hour course in the same level, Ecela Spanish reserves the right to upgrade the course into a 10 hour private or semi-private program.


Ecela Spanish reserves the right to conduct classes outside of the school.


Level of Spanish


All new students are required to take an online placement test at least four weeks prior to arrival and an oral placement test on their first day at the school at 8:00 am.


Students cannot choose the level at which they want to study and they will be assigned to an appropriate level according to their test results.


If a student does not have the minimum level of Spanish required to follow a specific course, as determined by the Ecela Spanish placement test, Ecela Spanish


reserves the right to move the student to an appropriate course for their level.


In order for students to move to the next level, they must score at least 75% on the Spanish level test. If the student scores below 75% they will have one more chance to take the test. They can take this test at the school the following Monday at 08:00. However they will need to pass the second test with a score of 85% or above.


For Volunteers, Internships and Medical Shadowing, Ecela Spanish reserves the right to move the student to another project, for those students that do not have the indicated Spanish level of their enrollment. The change may take up to seven (7) days and there will be a charge of US$75.




For registrations received a week or less prior to the beginning of a course, Ecela Spanish does not guarantee the type of accommodation desired and requested by the student; priority is given to students who register further in advance.


For special housing requirements received less than one month in advance, Ecela Spanish does not guarantee the type of accomodation desired and requested by the student.


In the event that a student is not satisfied with the assigned accommodation for any justifiable reason, the student may move to another accommodation of the same type (up to 2 changes allowed depending upon availability). Students wishing to change accommodation arrangements should notify the person in charge during their first day of the program.


The student will be charged for property damages caused either intentionally or through negligence. If there is damage and no one is directly responsible, we will divide the cost of repairs among all the students in the apartment.


At Ecela Spanish, respect for others and for the rules is essential for our programs to run smoothly. In the case of a serious disciplinary offence or repeated behavior, Ecela Spanish reserves the right to expel a student, without refund, from the accomodation. Some examples of behaviors that merit expulsion include: having guests stay overnight, making loud noises, smoking in the bedrooms, having parties, consumption of alcohol, consumption of any narcotic or harmful substance, and any other conduct that Ecela Spanish management considers inappropriate.


If the transfer service is not required, and the student has accommodation booked with Ecela Spanish, they must always inform Ecela Spanish in advance of their arrival time to the accommodation and also provide flight information. This is to ensure they will be welcomed by the host at their accommodation at the correct time. If the requested information is not provided, Ecela Spanish cannot guarantee that someone will be waiting at the accommodation. The check-in could be possible from 10 to 12 in the mornings or from 18 to 20 in the afternoon.




Flight details including: arrival time, flight numbers, airline and point of origin must be advised at least seven (7) days prior to arrival in order for Ecela Spanish to guarantee the airport transfer. If this requirement is not met, refunds will not be issued.


Ecela will provide transfer information in the Arrival Information document that you will receive before your departure. Students must pay special attention to this information as it will direct you and provide instructions for taking your transfer. Ecela will not be made responsible or provide refunds for students that do not follow these instructions or decide to make alternate arrangements unilaterally.


Program Changes by Ecela


Ecela Spanish may change course structure & timetables at its discretion without notification. The Student is entitled to a refund of tuition fees for those courses that Ecela Spanish is not able to offer. In the event of an upgrade (ref. “Class Information section”) ECELA is providing the service and therefore no refund will apply.




Ecela Spanish will close for local Public Holidays. Classes cannot be recuperated and are non-refundable. Holidays are already factored into prices and weeks with holidays are not discounted. Please be aware that South American governments are prone to adding new holidays with little or no notice during the course of each year. Ecela Spanish will endeavor to communicate these


changes as soon as they have been formally announced.


Ecela Spanish strongly recommends for students to check holidays and school closing dates in each location.




Neither Ecela Spanish nor its accommodation hosts, provide supervision for any students who book an adult program (17+ years of age).


Students under 17 that would like to take part in one of ECELA’s programs require a Parental Consent Form to be filled out by parents or legal tutors.


Code of Conduct & Expulsion


Students are expected to attend classes, inform the school in case of absence and respect fellow students, teachers, staff and 3rd party providers such as accommodation hosts and / or activity guides. Students must pay the full cost of any damage to property and are expected to obey the laws and adapt to the customs of their host country and host family.


The student will be charged for the replacement of items broken either intentionally or through negligence.


Ecela Spanish shall not tolerate under any circumstance the illegal use of drugs, alcohol abuse, offensive and disrespectful behavior, and disrespect for the local laws, and reserves the right to withhold courses and accommodation from any participant who fails to comply with these regulations or for any other reason deemed necessary in the sole discretion of Ecela Spanish, and to further send home, without escort and refund, any non-compliant participant. In such a case, the return trip will be at the expense of the participant or the participant’s family.


Ecela Spanish is an international school where different cultures, religions, sexual orientation, ages and professions converge. ECELA offers an inclusive environment and all members of the community are invited to participate accordingly.


Ecela Spanish will provide as much information as possible with regards to safety standards of the locations the schools are located but it is the students’ sole responsibility to be prepared, informed and insured. We recommend that each student check their country`s travel advisories.


Client Documents & Insurance


The student is fully responsible for ensuring that they have adequate travel documents, travel insurance and medical insurance. Any non-compliance and any resulting damages are the sole responsibility of the student.


The student has consulted with a medical doctor with regard to his/her personal medical needs. There are no health-related reasons or problems that preclude or restrict the student’s participation in this program.


The student is aware of all applicable personal medical needs. The student has arranged, through insurance or otherwise, to meet any and all needs for payment of medical costs while participating in the Program. The student recognizes that the Program is not obligated to attend to any of his/her medical or medication needs, and assumes all risk and responsibility therefor. If the student requires medical treatment or hospital care in a foreign country or in the United States during the Program, the Program is not responsible for the cost or quality of such treatment or care.


The Program may (but is not obligated to) take any action it considers to be warranted under the circumstances regarding the student’s health and safety. The student authorizes the Program and/or the directors to procure all necessary medical assistance while the student participates in the Program and to authorize any competent medical person to do all things reasonably necessary to treat any injury or illness that occurs during the student’s participation in the Program. The student agrees to pay all expenses relating thereto and release the Program from any liability or any actions.


Photography & Filming


Ecela Spanish may take promotional photographs and video footage of students. If students do not wish to participate, Ecela Spanish will respect their wishes if Ecela Spanish has been notified via email at .




In the unlikely event that a student wishes to submit a formal complaint, this must be brought to the attention of Ecela Spanish within the first 24 hours, via email to the following address: . This ensures that we can take care of the issue as soon as possible and seek a quick resolution. Only complaints made during the student’s stay have the right to any possible compensation, refund or changes. Any complaints made after departure will only be accepted as suggestions in order to improve our services.




Ecela Spanish will not be held liable for loss, damage or injury to persons or property. Ecela Spanish accepts no responsibility whatsoever for cases of force majeure (according to law) or for students’ actions. Ecela Spanish is not responsible for any personal items left in the school building, in the students’ apartments, at the guest families, on school activities or suggested activities.


The student understands that participation in the Program involves risks not found in studying at his/her own country. These risks include, but are not limited to: traveling to and within, and returning from, one or more foreign countries, foreign political, legal, social, and economic conditions, different standards of design, safety, and maintenance of buildings, public places, and conveyances. The student hereby declares to have made his/her own investigation and accepts these risks.


Knowing the risks described in this document, and in consideration of being permitted to participate in the Program, the student agrees on behalf of his/her family, heirs, and personal representatives to assume all the risks and responsibilities surrounding his/her participation in the Program. The student and his/her heirs and successors and assigns agrees to release, indemnify, and hold harmless Ecela Spanish, its past and present officers, employees, agents and the heirs, successors, and assigns of each from any and all loss, cost, damage, liability, or expense (including reasonable attorney’s fees) resulting in or arising from the student’s participation in the Program


General Course Cancellations and Changes


All program fees must be paid at least 4 weeks prior to arrival otherwise Ecela Spanish reserves the right to cancel the student’s placement. In that event, the student is not entitled to any refund.


The deposit will not be returned for any cancellations made. For cancellations made with less than 4 weeks prior to the program start date, the minimum charge of the cancellation fee is the deposit plus 2 weeks of program and accommodation.


Any reduction of services from the confirmed program requested by the student 4 weeks or less prior to program start date will be treated as a cancellation.


Some specific prices and/or promotions are non refundable. This is specified at the moment of purchase.


In the event of refund, the student will be charged a $75 administration fee to cover the costs of processing a refund, along with the standard fee for cancellations (50% of the program amount).


All students who wish to cancel their program (course and/or accommodation) prior to arrival should notify Ecela Spanish in writing by e-mail . Cancellations not received via email at will not be accepted.


In no case whatsoever will a refund be made for the cost of the program or accommodation once the program has started.


Ecela Spanish reserves the right to charge an administration fee of US$75 each time the course, accommodation or any other service is changed or postponed after the deposit has been paid. This also includes requests for changes whilst the student is at school. All changes are subject to availability.


Ecela Spanish will not be liable for any failure to comply with obligations (and therefore shall not be required to pay compensation) if the failure is occasioned by any cause beyond Ecela Spanish reasonable control; nor shall Ecela Spanish be responsible for any costs incurred by or on behalf of the student as a result of any such case. Such causes shall include but are not limited to fire, flood, earthquake, tsunami, war, riot, embargo, organized labor stoppage, unusually adverse weather


conditions, acts of civil or military authorities, acts of terrorism, acts of god, pandemics etc.


Special Program Cancellations


Participants that cancel a special package (Medical Shadowing, Internship, Volunteer, etc...) more than 90 days before it is scheduled to begin will be charged a $500 cancellation fee. If this package is canceled within 90 days of the program start date, the full price of the package will be charged.


The Special Program Cancellation fee is additional to the General Course Cancellation fee.




Upon paying the program deposit, the student accepts all of the conditions described above.






By accepting the program you also accept the term and condition of ECELA.