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Basic Program - 20 lesson per week

Basic Standard, 20 lessons per week

What better way to learn than immersing yourself in culture of the people who live the language!

This course included grammar clases to help you structure your ideas and then practice them in a real world conversation class with only three other students at the most!
ECELA´s class standard use only real world situations and up to date materials that give you a true practice of real everyday language… stay away from sounding bookish!



This program includes:

  • 20 Lessons (7 students max.)These interactive lessons that combine practice and instruction to build that solid learning base. Classes are small because this is where it counts. You will have the opportunity to practice what you are learning and build upon you cultural experience with real conversations including cultural information that will shape on your immersion experience.
  • Spanish Course Book: Custom made ECELA texts made especially to suit the needs of our students including updated and real life material.
  • Placement and Level test – You can take the placement test online or on the first day of class – at the end of your course, your level test will indicate your final course level to provide you with your certificate
  • Certificate of Studies – You will receive a Certificate indicating the level you are at on the last day of class
  • Location(s): Choose one or multiple locations (for a minimum stay of a week). Buenos Aires - Mendoza - Santiago - Viña del Mar - Lima - Cusco.
  • Free school hop!: our students can jump from one school to another without any additional fee (having to give notice only one short week for only course and two weeks for course and accommodation in advance)
  • Optional extra private lesson: with reduce price of $30.00/ lesson


Spanish levels  from beginner through advanced. (A1 - C2) starting every Monday.
Applied conversation is a key focus, and cultural discussion topics will be used to expand upon students’ vocabulary and conversational skills. 


Class Structure

Begin with the Fundamentals ...
Spanish Language in an interactive and communicative setting

Very small classes (2-7 students) mean extra attention for each student, and much faster learning for you. 

Receive expert instruction on Spanish language grammatical structure and uses.  Avoid developing embarrassing and hard-to-break habits.

Sessions are limited to 7 students so there is plenty of time for individual attention.

  •   Consider this the "nuts and bolts" of your language skills.  You will develop a solid foundation transferable to written or spoken communications.


Take a 20 minute "recreo"...

  • Help yourself to our spread of free refreshments and snacks.  You'll appreciate the energy boost for your next class.
  • Relax and mingle with other students.  Meeting people from around the world is an unexpected side benefit to the course.
  •  You are an adult and the break is YOUR time.  You can stay in rhythm and continue speaking Spanish or give your brain a rest and go back to your own language for a bit.

 Continue with a second block with only 2-7 students! 

  • This block focuses mostly on oral communication.  Speaking practice, widely considered the most important part of language development, is sorely missing from most self-study programs and, frankly, even from most language schools.
  • Discussions often focus on current events in the world, or even in the school's country, so you are able to model the conversations later that day when you're out and about.


First day at School: 

• 08:00 am Placement test 
• 09:00 am After the placement test, we will assign the students to an appropriate class level and they will start classes that same day either in the morning or the afternoon session depending on their level.
• 01:00 pm Welcome & Orientation lunch. The students will meet the school staff and will be given useful information to move around the city: public transportation, safety, places to go, etc. 

Timetable class Sessions

Morning session
09:00 - 10:40 First block
10:40 - 11:00 Break
11:00 - 12:40 Second block
Afternoon Session
14:00 - 15:40 First block
15:40 - 16:00 Break
16:00 - 17:40 Second block



¡Vivir el español es maravilloso!